Statistics in developed countries show that, every year, there is a slightly wider gap between the ages of women and men who marry each other.

Women have ALWAYS gone for older men.

Why? They are programmed to seek security and safety, which provide the best means to raise a child, and it’s a safe bet that an older man will have increased world knowledge, and other important assets including personal skills and greater life experience.

So, if you are dedicated in picking up younger, gorgeous women, within two years you will be having more fun with women, and enjoying more sex than most guys get in their entire lifetime.

So you are serious in dating younger, attractive women? Take note of the following Real Techniques.

First, make yourself look YOUNG. Go and look at some new outfit, shirts, jeans and shoes this week. Update your hair style. Never let your appearance indicate an old, out-of-touch mentality.

Second, BE FUN. Lighten up and chill out when getting involved in conversations with women. This is the laidback, carefree type of energy you want to bring to your interactions with younger women. Women generally like older guys because they provide much more interesting conversation, and because they’re not predictable and one-dimensional like younger guys often are.

Third, GET OUT of the house and make an effort to socialize. Maybe combine your socializing with an interest or hobby. Break any patterns of judging people, or staying in your shell, and make an effort to say hello and make friendships.

Use intrigue, and reveal things about yourself over time. If every time she hangs out with you, you reveal some new talent or hobby of yours, she’ll be endlessly curious and interested in knowing more about you.

These are not difficult for you, right?

Treat the next few months as practice, and tell yourself that it will be a fun learning experience. Don’t ever think that it’s “too late”.

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